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Vignesh Ramachandran Vignesh Ramachandran. As Asian American communities reel from an uptick in violence and hate spurred by racist rhetoric about the coronavirus pandemic, advocates are urging Americans to be allies in actionable ways that go beyond words.

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You may be wondering what you can do to help the Asian and Asian-American communities, amid an ongoing wave of attacks against Asian Americans that coincided with the spread of the coronavirus across the U.

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The nonprofit reporting forum Stop AAPI Hate revealed that they received 3, reports of hate incidents over the past year. And those are just the statistics; s of the events themselves are even more chilling. On March 31, a man who was on lifetime parole for fatally stabbing his mother in was arrested on two charges of assault in the second degree asian repeatedly stomping on and kicking a year-old Filipino American woman How New York City in broad daylight.

And a recent New York Times report lists more than incidents in which anti-Asian sentiments are explicitly invoked — from Asians being spat on for causing the "kung flu" to a couple being told to go back to their country at gunpoint. While the pandemic has revealed the ugly underbelly of anti-Asian racism and discrimination in the United States, historians and experts emphasize that this is not new.

There's been a rise in anti-asian attacks. here's how to be an ally to the community.

Jennifer Ho, who serves as the director for the Center of Humanities and the Arts and a professor of asian studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, isn't How by the current trend. The Japanese American incarceration is the prime example. From the Chinese Exclusion Act ofwhich barred Chinese laborers from immigrating to the United States, to the internment of roughlyJapanese How and people of Japanese ancestry after the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II to Trump's ban on foreign nationals from predominantly Muslim countries, the law has defined Asian Americans as forever foreignersexplained Ho.

The target is always shifting, rendering certain populations more vulnerable to violence than others at different points in time — but the rationale asian the violence remains the same. The Sikh community was targeted. Imagine if someone approaches an Asian person near you and begins yelling racist slurs at them.

Would you intervene? How could you do so safely?

Distract: The intent of creating a distraction is to de-escalate the situation and create an environment in which the harasser feels excluded and will hopefully recede into the distance. Delegate: How requires bringing in someone else to help, often someone in charge of the establishment, another bystander or an authority figure. Document: Take a photo or video of the incident and be asian to note where you are located and the time of day the incident is occurring.

Delay: After it is over, someone should check in with the person experiencing the harassment and make an offer of how you can support them. Those of marginalized identities may also be scared of becoming the target of harassment, especially when police become involved.

What we recommend is that you check in with the person who's experiencing the harassment and see what they want you to do.

In addition to educating potential bystanders, Hollaback! It outlines three different strategies people can use to respond to harassment while it happens:. Trust your instincts. Is there an escape route nearby? Are you safe with people who can support you?

Be an ally: how to help fight anti-asian racism and xenophobia

Could the intersections of your identities put you at increased risk of harm? Or, could your perception of the situation and anticipated intervention plan be influenced by any implicit biases? Reclaim your space. In other words, decide whether you want to respond in the moment and how. Beyond that, you can also solicit the help of bystanders as well as covertly film the harassment by pretending to check your .

Pov: what we need to do to end anti-asian racism

Practice resilience. Not all instances of anti-Asian violence can be stopped in the moment — nor does the process of healing end there. Instead, individual action should accompany more sweeping changes at the community level with the ultimate goal of addressing the reasons why violence occurs in the first place.

Another key aspect of violence prevention is youth education, she explained, because so many anti-Asian hate crimes are committed by youth. Studies show that children can develop racial biases as early as ages 3 to 5. This means that introducing genuinely diverse curriculums early on — from teaching students asian How others' histories in elementary school to mandating ethnic studies courses in high school — can have a major impact. Institutionalizing cross-racial conversations can bridge divides, both real and imagined.

As more anti-Asian hate incidents are publicized, many social media users — in liberal and conservative circles alike — have implied that Black people are the asian perpetrators of anti-Asian violence, crafting a narrative that pits the Black and Asian communities against one another. In response to How media users asking why people selectively speak out about Asian hate but not anti-Blackness, Ho said anti-racist work should inherently mean advocating for universal human rights and striving to dismantle the root of it all: white supremacy.

Bystander intervention meets community care: how to respond to anti-asian hate

White supremacy wants us to be fighting and squabbling and saying there's only so much pie to go around, only so much attention span, only so many resources," said Ho, whose parents are Chinese but whose mother was raised in Jamaica. So to have people with them who are from the community, who are there to show care and protection, is one alternative.

Moreover, Kohli explains that every situation of anti-Asian violence is different. Law enforcement's pattern of racist violence suggests that healing racial divides necessitates divesting from the notion of punishment as synonymous with justice.

Fortunately, community-based restorative justice practices can act as a meaningful stand-in. Restorative justice can look like a lot of things, Kohli explained, from candid conversations between the parties involved to community service. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser.

What you can do to fight violence and racism against asian americans

Share this —. Follow today. More Brands. When will people stop seeing me as a forever foreigner? How to help combat hatred against Asian Americans March 18, Elyse Pham. Ruth Etiesit Samuel.